October 3, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the mysterious fairy godmother of Prince Cardan in “The Cruel Prince”? Look no further, for we will unravel the enigma that is Dulcamara. Known for her love of mischief and dislike of humans, she plays a significant role in aiding our beloved prince when he’s in need. Let’s dive deeper into who Dulcamara truly is and how she impacts the story!

Dulcamara is a minor character in the novel

Dulcamara may not be the main character in “The Cruel Prince,” but her presence adds a layer of intrigue and complexity to the story. Despite her minor role, she stands out with her distinct personality and actions.

It’s interesting how such a small character can have such an impact on the overall plot. Her interactions with Prince Cardan are few, yet each one is significant. Even though we don’t see much of Dulcamara throughout the book, it’s clear that she has a vital role in shaping Cardan’s character.

We also learn about Dulcamara through other characters’ perspectives, which further highlights her importance to the story. It’s easy to overlook side characters like Dulcamara, but they play a crucial part in making “The Cruel Prince” an unforgettable read.

Even though Dulcamara is a minor character in “The Cruel Prince,” she leaves quite an impression on readers. Her contributions may seem small at first glance, but they’re essential to understanding both Cardan and the broader world McGuire has created.

Dulcamara is the fairy godmother of Prince Cardan

Dulcamara is the fairy godmother of Prince Cardan, a minor character in The Cruel Prince novel by Holly Black. Despite her small role in the story, Dulcamara plays an essential part in Prince Cardan’s life. As his fairy godmother, she has been tasked with ensuring that he remains safe and protected from harm.

Unlike traditional fairy godmothers who are known for their kindness and benevolence towards humans, Dulcamara is quite different. She is known for her love of mischief and her dislike of humans. Her mischievous nature often leads to unpredictable outcomes which can be both good or bad depending on the situation.

Although Dulcamara may not have much affection for humans, she genuinely cares about Prince Cardan’s well-being. Whenever he finds himself in trouble or needs help navigating through difficult situations, she is always there to lend him a hand.

As a powerful fairy with magical abilities at her disposal, Dulcamara wields immense power over those around her. However, despite this power imbalance between herself and others, she never abuses it nor does she take advantage of those weaker than herself.

While Dulcamara may be just a minor character in The Cruel Prince novel by Holly Black – as the fairy godmother of Prince Cardan – her presence adds depth to the overall storyline and provides insight into the complex relationships between fairies and humans within this fictional world created by Black.

Dulcamara is known for her love of mischief and her dislike of humans

Dulcamara is a unique character in the world of The Cruel Prince. She’s known for her love of mischief and her dislike of humans, which sets her apart from most fairies in Faerie. Dulcamara doesn’t seem to have any particular allegiance to anyone or anything, but she enjoys causing chaos wherever she goes.

Despite her penchant for mischief, Dulcamara isn’t all bad. In fact, some readers might find themselves drawn to her quirky personality and devilish sense of humor. However, it’s important to remember that Dulcamara is still a fairy at heart – meaning that she can be just as dangerous as the other creatures lurking in Faerie.

Dulcamara’s dislike of humans is also worth noting. While many fairies view humans with apathy or mild curiosity, Dulcamara seems to actively despise them. This could be because humans are seen as weaker than fairies, or simply because they don’t belong in Faerie.

Dulcamara is an intriguing character who adds depth and complexity to the world building in The Cruel Prince. Her love of mischief and disdain for humans make her stand out among the other characters – even if she only appears briefly throughout the story

Dulcamara helps Prince Cardan when he is in need

Dulcamara, the fairy godmother of Prince Cardan in “The Cruel Prince” series by Holly Black, is known for her love of mischief and dislike towards humans. Despite her mischievous nature, Dulcamara proves to be a helpful ally to Prince Cardan when he finds himself in need.

Throughout the book series, Dulcamara offers various forms of assistance to Prince Cardan. She helps him with his magical abilities and provides guidance during difficult times. Additionally, she uses her powers to protect him from harm’s way and ensures that his secrets remain hidden from others.

One instance where Dulcamara helped Prince Cardan was when he needed protection against Jude Duarte’s plans to overthrow him as the King of Faerie. In this situation, Dulcamara used her magic skills to create an illusion that hid Prince Carden until the danger had passed.

Furthermore, when Queen Orlagh threatened to invade Faerie with an army made up entirely of water-dwelling creatures called merrows – something that would have spelled disaster for all faeries- Dulcamaa provided invaluable counsel on how best they could prepare themselves against it.

While being a mischievous character who sometimes causes trouble for those around her; Dulcamara remains one of the most reliable characters in The Cruel Price Series because she always comes through whenever help is needed by helping prince carden overcome obstacles or challenges he faces along his journey as king.”


Dulcamara is a fascinating character in The Cruel Prince. As the fairy godmother of Prince Cardan, she plays an important role in his life and helps him when he needs it most. Despite her love for mischief and dislike of humans, Dulcamara remains loyal to Prince Cardan until the end.

While she may be a minor character in the novel, Dulcamara adds depth and complexity to the story. Her enigmatic personality keeps readers guessing about her true motivations and intentions.

Dulcamara’s presence in The Cruel Prince serves as a reminder that even minor characters can have significant impacts on a story’s plot and themes. Her role demonstrates how every character has their own unique story to tell within a larger narrative.

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