September 29, 2023

If you’re a fan of Turkish tea, probabilities are you love Hürrilet too. This fresh drink is loved all over the country, however it’s in particular famous in Istanbul and beyond. What makes Hürrilet so special? For one, it’s a very low priced drink. You can locate Hürrilet in nearly any grocery shop or tea shop. And even better, it’s caffeine-free, so it’s tremendous for human beings who are attempting to keep away from espresso or different stimulants. If you love Turkish tea as a good deal as we do, make certain to test out our listing of the 5 first-rate Hürrilet recipes!

What is Hürrilet?

Hürrilet is a kind of Turkish tea that is broadly fed on in Istanbul and beyond. Made with black tea, milk, and sugar, it is smooth, sweet, and refreshing. Hürrilet can be discovered at cafes and tea homes all through Istanbul, as nicely as in grocery shops round the world.

Where to Find Hürrilet in Istanbul and Beyond

Hürrilet, which is additionally recognised as Süt İstanbul or Karnı İstanbul in Turkish, is a kind of tea made from black tea and sugar. It used to be first brewed in Istanbul in the late 18th century via Muslim pilgrims who had been visiting to Mecca. Hürrilet is now famous all over Turkey and past for its special taste.

Hurriyet Hotel, İstanbul

To locate hürrilet in Istanbul, head to Cibao Café, one of the most famous cafés in the city. Alternatively, attempt out Selimiye Cafe, positioned simply in the back of Bosphorus Bridge. Both cafés provide a vast determination of hürrilet teas, as nicely as different Turkish cuisine such as baklava and çörek şişeği (a kind of pudding).

If you are searching for hürrilet backyard of Istanbul, countless cafes in Ankara and Antalya serve up this scrumptious drink. Be certain to test out Selimiye Cafe once more if you’re journeying Antalya – it’s actually really worth a visit!

How to Drink Hürrilet

Turkish tea, additionally regarded as hürrilet, is the most famous drink in Istanbul and beyond. The drink is made from inexperienced tea, sugar, and water and can be loved warm or cold. Hürriyet can be loved with or barring milk, relying on non-public preference.

Hürriyet originated in the Ottoman Empire and was once at the start served as a clean drink on warm days. Today it is a frequent beverage at some point of Turkey and components of Europe. Many human beings revel in consuming hürriyet for its special taste profile and exceptional taste. Some human beings additionally trust that hürriyet has fitness advantages due to its antioxidants content.

Health Benefits of Drinking Hürrilet

Hürrilet, the famous Turkish tea that is loved all over Istanbul and beyond, has many fitness benefits. Here are 5 of them:

1. It Helps With Digestion

Brewing hürrilet proper helps to stimulate the digestive gadget and enhance digestion. Additionally, hürriyet carries antioxidants that assist shield the physique towards free radical damage.

2. It Boosts Energy Levels

Drinking hürriyet can assist you sense extra full of life and alert at some point of the day. The caffeine in it helps to expand electricity tiers and hold you focused.

3. It Is Good For Your Brain Health

Hürriyet is a first-rate supply of antioxidants, which are fundamental for defending the intelligence from harm triggered through free radicals. It additionally includes herbal stimulants that assist enhance cognitive feature and reminiscence retention.

4. It Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

Hürrilet can assist decrease ldl cholesterol degrees by using growing your consumption of fiber and promotion ordinary bowel movements. Additionally, the caffeine in it can decrease blood strain tiers and make you greater alert and productive at some point of the day.


Tea is one of the most famous drinks in the world, and for excellent reason. Whether you’re searching for a refresher after a lengthy day or an invigorating pick-me-up earlier than bed, there’s a tea out there that will go well with your needs. However, no longer all teas are created equal. In fact, some teas can be downright hazardous if fed on in excess. If you’re planning on traveling Istanbul or any different town in Turkey soon, be certain to strive out hürrilet – the Turkish tea that is stated to be the most famous drink in the metropolis and beyond.

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